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Intertwined Series I had so much fun putting these promos together for the Intertwined Series! Most of them display my favorite quotes from my stories or even by bands and people who inspired a scene, theme, or idea that contributed to the overall story/development of the characters. I plan to put more together, including series … Continue reading

Intertwined Series A HUGE shout out to every band listed on these playlists. If not for their unique sound, some of the scenes in my books wouldn’t even exist. I was fueled and inspired by their music every step of the way and largely credit anything decent I may have written to their insane talent! … Continue reading

Setting for the Intertwined Series I first traveled to Wilmington, North Carolina back in 2006 and had no idea at the time that it would soon become the setting for my Intertwined Series, a series I’d been more or less working on since I was fourteen years old. Known by locals as Hollywood of the East and … Continue reading

Want free stuff? You’ve come to the right place! From promotions/giveaways to free books and awesome swag, this is where all the cool stuff is happening. Throughout the year, I will be holding seasonal contests in which ANYONE can participate and have the opportunity to win whatever cool product I’m offering at that time, such … Continue reading