Intertwined Series

Explore the dark and mysterious world of the Intertwined Series where nothing is what it seems and where anything is possible. From the horrors of being trapped at an abandoned plantation to an all consuming love that defies all odds, the Intertwined Series will leave you questioning everything you’ve come to know about curses, time travel and what it means to truly fight for the one you love.

Intertwined Series Covers
Intertwined Series, Young Adult Paranormal Romance

ā€œA reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.ā€ ā€“ George R.R. Martin


Dreamcatcher Series

Explore the wondrous world of the Dreamcatcher Series where what happens in your subconcsious doesn’t always stay there. From beautifully terrifying realms to three equally intoxicating romances, the Dreamcatcher Series will leave you breathless for more and second guessing everything you thought you knew about the mind at play and the power of imagination.

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Dreamcatcher Series, New Adult Fantasy/Paranormal Romance